The Top 10 Most Funded Verticals in the Nordics in 2015 (Members Article)

Members Article

As investment continues to increase in the Nordics, its important to track where the money is going, both in terms of country and stage, but also in terms of what verticals are being backed.

By following where the money is going we can get an idea of what the hottest verticals are in the Nordics right now. As the ecosystem continues to evolve, it’s interesting to see how traditional Nordic strongholds, such as gaming, are faring against increasingly popular verticals, such as FinTech.

In order to get an idea of which verticals are attracting investors interest in the Nordics, we analysed all of the investments we tracked in 2015, and calculated the ten hottest verticals in the Nordics in 2015 by the number of investments they received.

In this report we look at which countries led the way for investment in each vertical, what the top 3 rounds were in each vertical, as well as looking at the total amount raised and the median round size.

After we count down the top 10, we then provide a short conclusion on what to make of our findings.

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