Support The Nordic Web and Become a Member.

You may have noticed that The Nordic Web has a new home (again!). 

Towards the end of last year, I announced that going forward we would be publishing on Medium until I figured out what was next.

Just like when the site originally went down, the response I got to that post was incredible, and the encouragement and support I received from people to keep The Nordic Web going was overwhelming.

In the couple of months since that post was published I have thought long and hard about how I can make it sustainable for me to keep putting the time and effort required to run The Nordic Web to the high standard it deserves.

Ultimately the monetary cost and the time cost is too high for me to justify running The Nordic Web for free, but equally, I feel uncomfortable charging people for content that I believe is important for people to have access to (read my original motivations for starting The Nordic Web here)

Therefore, I have come up with something which I believe is fair for both me, and for you, the reader. The Nordic Web will continue to be free, the analyses will continue to be free, the podcast will continue to be free and The Nordic Web Weekly will continue to be free.

Instead of charging for content, I have decided to create The Nordic Web Membership allowing you to support the initiative while allowing me to put the time and effort into it that it deserves. 


And best of all, there is no set charge or subscription fee, you can pay whatever you like!

Whether you are a bootstrapping entrepreneur who can only spare $1, or a wealthy VC who wants to contribute $100+, ultimately every dollar helps, and is appreciated.

As a thank you to all of those who are generous enough to become a member, I will also be producing two members only articles per month (1 analysis and 1 'insight' article). Members will also receive the quarterly and yearly investment analyses 24 hours before they are published.

This is an experiment and right now I have no idea if we will get 0 or 1000 members, all I know is that I want to give The Nordic Web the second chance it deserves, so if you do too, then you can show your support by becoming a member.


Support The Nordic Web and Become a Member


Thank you, Neil S W Murray.