Spotify CEO to Launch Rap Career

Daniel Ek, the Founder and CEO of popular streaming site Spotify has announced that he is to launch a rap career.

In a move which will be seen as a direct attempt to shake-up industry heavyweights such as Jay Z, Ek announced the news in an ominous, pun-heavy tweet.

Ek has strong-armed some of his friends to show their support for his new career by getting them to also change their Twitter profile pictures to the sickly green so heavily associated with him, in a move typically synonymous with rich rap stars promoting their businesses. 

Ek is expected to reveal further details of his first album at a press conference due to take place later this evening. Our sources have informed us that several of Ek's friends will be in attendance and are expected to line-up awkwardly, while one of them makes an incoherent speech.